ISO 22716 GMP Good Manufacturing Practices Certification

ISO 22716 GMP-Good Manufacturing Practices Certification

ISO 22716 GMP-Good Manufacturing Practices Certification

GMP/ISO 22716 (Good Manufacturing Practices), in order to avoid the possibility of contamination or decrease of the product from internal and external sources, related to internal and external conditions for an organization and setting up protective measures it contains. This application is in the production and distribution of food products is to provide quality products in the basic approaches of raw materials, processing, product development, manufacturing, packaging, storage, distribution fields that should be applied without interruption of the stages is a sequence of a technique.

ISO 22716 GMP Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate is a quality approach for production and allows food industry employees to work by providing professional reliable and effective product for the production.  With all aspects of a business, you should be familiar with the main features of the different criteria for each production process and with tackles. Place of production, environment, tools, equipment, and the quality of raw materials and production process, personnel and defines their credibility and control. Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical and food industry, covering GMP/ISO 22716, detergents and cleaning products, cosmetics, which provides adoption ' in the ' cosmetic grade law also includes this industry acceptance.

Also, this certification is being used in humans and animals in the production of products of medical purpose (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.) is a set of rules required to be complied with. 

GMP also gives you general bases about Quality management, personnel, facilities, and equipment, documentation, production, quality control, contract manufacturing, Complaints and Product Recall, and the internal working with controls. 

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic production in Europe and in export of mandatory good manufacturing practices GMP/ISO 22716-held in 2013, Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical and food sector, in short, people in contact with each point containing control is a must for certification.

To support the standard of good manufacturing practices GMP, GHP-Good Hygiene Practices and GCP - Good Catering Practices meet the standards have been published.

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