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    Now, Kingcert Will Show Activities in Azerbaijan

    Our General Manager Şener Özen held a meeting with a lot of companies managers on representation projects on 23-25 july in Baku Azerbaijan.

    In the meetings, the KingCert signed the only authorized representative contract for the Republic of Azerbaijan with the company that can represent our brand at the highest level.

    As you know, KingCert has been operating in a total of 11 countries including our country so far, and this number has risen to 12 (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iran, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Turkey and Serbia) after the agreement we made with Azerbaijan.

    KingCert, currently accredited by WAS. WAS is from New Jersey – USA. WAS is membership process with IAF.

    KingCert by WAS – (WORLD ACCREDITATION SERVICES) a certification body that is accredited in 18 standards. If you want check KingCert certification. you can look www.KingCert.com and www.TheWas.us .

    We will work with all countries and we work for it. We decided to increase of representations in 2016.  We are in contact with any companies in several countries for representation and new ones are added every day.

    In this context KingCert' demands for representation that our door is always open to new firms, are welcome.

    Besides the current acceditation KingCert has planned to take accreditation from the foundation of IAF and started to process by taking the necessary steps.

    At the end of 2016 is expected to be published in the IAF accreditation of new members.


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