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    New Partnerships

    We believe we can provide faster and better quality growth of our colleagues operating in the sector in our country. If we unite our forces so we us.

    Our team with the demonstrated actions on the quality sector since 2000, no longer as a certification body accredited, we have the industry and to overcome the challenges faced by actors in the sector and to make the experience of the forces of nature principles with a call to all our colleagues.

    My bride's combine our forces.

    Currently in Turkey capable of 18 different management systems are one of the few accredited certification company. In some standard singleton. Our full coverage of all standards.

    Now you can supply your needs under one roof all the certificates to work with a single certification company.

    For fast and reliable certification, we are ready to serve you.

About Us

BKM Ltd. Şti. was commenced in Istanbul in 2004. Within a year its headquarter was moved to Kocaeli – industrial capital of Turkey. Until 2013, it has carried out training / support activities in the fields of Intellectual Property Rights, Management Systems and Product Certification. Since 2013 . . . Click for more.

Head Office
Seymen Mah. D130 Karayolu Cad. No:65/2
Başiskele Kocaeli Turkey
+90 (262) 341 44 11
+90 (542) 774 00 41
+90 (262) 341 41 02