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    KingCert signs Kosovo Representative Agreement

    General Manager of BKM International Documentation Company Şener Özen gave representation to Kosovo as a result of his contacts in Kosovo. On the day we passed the Representation Agreement,  signed between the two sides in BAŞSİAD.

    In the past days, General Manager Şener OZEN, who attended the Business Form in Kosovo and held bilateral talks, has signed a contract with GCDA company in Kosovo, which is working at a high level. Arsim Vranovci, who came to Kocaeli with his assistant in the previous days, received KingCert Documentation representative in Kosovo by meeting with his owner Şener Özen, KingCert born in Kocaeli and accredited from England. Başsiad President Barış Arat, BKM International Documentation Ltd., which seems quite enjoyable at the signing ceremony that the board of directors and members of the association are present at. General Manager and BAŞSİAD 'ın founding vice president Şener Özen,KingCert told Kosovo Representative Arsim Vranovci about Başsiad and explained his projects.


    KingCert, Kosovo's first resident certification body, is now carrying out certification activities for Kosovo's largest companies through pre-contract documentation work. Şener Özen, the General Manager of BKM International Documentation, a brand that has been working with solution partners in 38 countries all over Turkey and known for 14 years of sector experience in Kocaeli;

    “When we take the representation, we give the representation to the country  to bring foreign exchange to our country. We have quickly worked hard to transform our visit to Kosovo for commercial purposes, and we have made a rapid and quality path. We are very respected and partner with a company that is well known in Kosovo. As a result, we began our certification work in Kosovo last week, and we did our first invoice. As a service sector in our country we are working to contribute to the goal of 2023. Normally, we had our strategic plan to give foreign representatives 2 years later, but with Başsiad we started to realize this goal 2 years ago. Now there is Bulgaria right now. We have already communicated with the companies to give representatives there, 8-9 companies are dealing with us very seriously. Immediately after that, we will do a quality work in the Balkans and we will make Kocaeli brand KingCert a world brand. "

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