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    ISO 9001: 2008 Revision Checking ISO 9001: 2015 Coming Soon

    The world's most widely used management system standard ISO 9001 standard, which is to be published in 2015

    As being revised. ISO 9001: 2015 to meet the latest business trends and needs in the world and other

    management system standards (eg ISO 14001) is prepared so that it becomes compatible.

    Revision of the ISO 9001 standard has been ongoing since the year 2012. draft International

    Standards are published on 09.05.2014, is expected to be published in the September 2015 standards.

    Currently, more than 1 million organizations in 170 countries implementing the ISO 9001 quality management system.

    The current version of the ISO 9001 standard was prepared five years. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) prepare draft opinions for the new revision every 5 years, as a rule, are starting to gather. This can be earlier or later for some standards.

    Currently, the new version of the ISO 9001 standard, although planned to be published in 2015 will be the basis for this new version of the first draft ISO / CD 9001: 2013 has been published.


    Significant changes occur in the standard:

    1. General structure of the standard is changed is increased from 8 to 10 items.

    4.0 Organization scope (content)

    5.0 Leadership

    6.0 Planning

    7.0 Support

    8.0 Operations

    9.0 Performance Evaluation

    10.0 Improvements

    2 "Product" refers to "goods and services" as amended.

    3- Two new items are added to the scope of the organization.

    4.1 Organization of the figure and its contents

    4.2 understand the needs and expectations of the respective parties

    4- requirements for the process has been more open approach by adding a new item.

    4.4.2 Process approach

    5 will include a special item for the standard preventive actions.

    6- "Document" and "record" are "documented information" as amended.

    7- outside the control of the goods and services supplied by addressing the external supply of all kinds of form.

    8- "continuous improvement" means "improvement" as amended.

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